An ongoing tale

I have been working on and off on a story about a ranching family in the Scott Valley outside Yreka California. The homepage image is taken while I was sitting shotgun in the Mr. Jenner’s truck. A bull had escaped from its side of the fence and was trying to spend some quality time with the lady cows. It wasnt that time of season so Mr. Jenner was trying to wrangle it back to its side of the ranch. It was pretty thrilling to be riding along as he violently gassed the old truck forward and backward attempting to separate the bull from the other cattle. Sometimes the bull would run into the truck eliciting an “oopsie” or “gosh dang it” from Mr. Jenner.

I am always amazed when people allow me into their lives to tell their story. As much as I try to be a fly on the wall I imagine at the very least its an inconvenience to have me there with a camera asking questions and poking around. It is something I have grown to enjoy and to some extent become addicted to.

Anyway here are a handful of clips from that story.

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