My New Website

Hello all,

Greetings from my new website. My last website was hacked and bluehost shut it down due to malicious files. There were around 200 files in question that I needed to scrub or delete. After file 53 I came to the realization that I could just start from scratch, so I did. Which is good cause now I get to redesign my website. I hope you all enjoy.

2 responses to “My New Website”

  1. Terry Manning says:

    I have never left a message on someones’s website. I see three pictures up now with text with them. Great start Alex. I loved your approach to the hacking thing. A new start. That sounds really good.So you move forward. great.


  2. John Manning says:

    Hello little brother. I won’t tease you about the seahawks.
    Mom is struggling but she is a fighter so I hope whatever happens she won’t be in this much pain.
    growing old is not for sissys.

    Stay in touch

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